Why exactly iPhone cases?

We are often asked why we sell iPhone cases, and how did it come about? It all started over 10 years ago in Darmstadt with a simple promotional gift from Targus. The company offers laptop and tablet cases and was a supplier to Notebook.de at the time. At that time, Targus had some leather business card holders. A simple case that folded out and there was space for business cards on the right side.

The first iPhone was comparatively small back then, about 4 cm smaller than an iPhone 13 Pro. Since the leather case was quite generous and very flexible, the iPhone fit perfectly into this bag. Shortly afterward, the first people asked where they could get such a product.

The LUCA mobile phone case is born

We were quickly able to find our first partner from the leather capital Offenbach for our leather iPhone case. The first samples of our cell phone cases were produced, expanding on the original idea, but with a card slot on the left and three card slots on the right side of the bag. We were convinced by the sample delivery, and so we ordered the first thousand leather cell phone cases in 10 different versions.

This first order was still produced in the Far East, and unfortunately some products differed greatly from the original samples. For example, all the headphone holes were on the wrong side. Nevertheless, we were able to successfully sell many bags through our online shop in 2009. But we immediately knew that we wanted to put a stronger focus on quality, even though our bag was unique in functionality. At that time, most providers only had items in their range that the iPhone could be clicked into. However, none of our customers wanted to make phone calls with an iPhone case on their ear.
So it was clear that we had to look for a new partner.

iPhone cases made in Germany

At the beginning of 2010 we were able to offer the first wallets Handmade in Germany. The quality was significantly improved, and we were now able to offer our customers a consistently high-quality and sustainable product; most of the leather comes from production in Germany and Italy.
In collaboration with our customers, we have been able to continually improve LUCA's iPhone case. One customer idea, for example, was to slightly dot the bottom of the cell phone case so that the ringtone could be heard better. Another customer request was the note compartment. We actually only introduced the note compartment on the 5th generation iPhones, and the number of card slots for credit cards was also increased to 6. This means you can transport the iPhone, including banknotes and credit cards, very compactly.