Etuis für iPhone Max

Leather wallets for iPhone Max & Plus

LUCA leather wallets handmade in Germany, suitable for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Plus. Furthermore, the case is also suitable for older iPhone Max and Plus models.
iPhone 15 Pro Max Tasche Leder schwarz Etui für iPhone 15 Pro Max
Etui für iPhone 15 Pro Max
- Manufakturprodukt -
Sale price€ 125,-
Case for iPhone Max & Plus
- Manufacture product -
Sale price€ 99,-

6 colors available

The LUCA leather wallet, suitable for iPhone Max & Plus

Since the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, we have also been producing cell phone cases with wallets for this series of Apple products. Even if the iPhone Max is not exactly the smallest iPhone, you can fit the iPhone and all the necessary things in our case. Our cases currently fit up to and including the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone Pro 14 Max series. Our wallet cases have a large compartment for banknotes, as well as 6 compartments for membership cards, credit cards, driving licenses and similar cards. Under the card compartments on the left side and on the back of the case you will find compartments for receipts, parking tickets and other things. The iPhone Max case is the perfect companion for everyday life or when traveling, so you always have the most important things together and well protected.