With its exquisite charm, nubuck leather impresses with an irresistibly soft surface that promises a noble emotional experience. With natural aging, nubuck gains character and develops a very individual patina. This means that every nubuck iPhone wallets and every nubuck wallet is unique to its wearer.

Geldbörse mit Geldklammer für Herren Nubukleder


Geldbörse mit Geldklammer

Entdecken Sie die edlen Nubuk Portemonnaies, mit einer samtig-weichen Oberfläche und der hochwertigen Edelstahl Geldklammer.

Geldbörse mit Fach für Fahrzeugschein, Geldscheine und Münzfach


Geldbörse mit Münzfach

Entdecken Sie die samtig-weiche Oberfläche unserer luxuriösen Portemonnaies aus feinem Nubukleder.

LUCA wallets made of nubuck leather

Nubuck leather and suede, two fascinating variants of high-quality leather textures, embody the epitome of elegance and style. While both types of leather are known for their soft surface and natural beauty, nubuck leather has a special aura of luxury and sophistication. Compared to suede, which naturally has a rough surface, nubuck has a soft feel and a subtle, matt shine. But what makes nubuck leather truly unique is its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time. This individual change gives each wallet a personal touch that tells stories and reveals a timeless beauty - a characteristic feature that makes nubuck leather a true companion for lovers of exclusive leather crafts.


Die Exklusivität von Nubukleder

Durch die feine Haptik und die sehr individuelle Optik, besitzt Nubukleder einen sehr natürlichen und dennoch luxuriösen Charakter.