LUCA Wallets:

High quality, tailor-made, authentic

Handmade in Germany stands for high-quality, handmade products with premium quality: And that's what LUCA stands for. Our iPhone cases are handmade in the Hunsrück region. More than 120 work steps are necessary until a LUCA case for the smartphone is completely produced. It starts with the material quality, the careful selection of the leather, and ends with the careful packaging of our cases. In this way, customized, first-class smartphone cases with authentic character are created.

120 steps to the finished wallet

High quality leather together with selected nylon and microfibre form the basis for our iPhone wallet. We apply the highest standards in the selection of materials. Six leather pieces are punched out for a LUCA case. The inner lining consists of another 21 pieces. The leather is split to the desired thickness before being processed into a smartphone case. For the credit card pockets, the leather is reinforced and stamped out. The leather edges are then sharpened.

The result is a noble unique wallet

The parts are glued together in eleven individual steps. A further 13 operations are required for folding in the blanks and another 16 for sewing and cutting off the leather parts. The absolutely clean workmanship is already visible at the seams. Finally, the inside of the iPhone case is painted, cleaned, and stitched out.

Then the edges are folded, also called edgefolding. Edgefolding is the process of folding a decorative material around the edge of a carrier part by 90° or 180°. The folded material is then attached to the back of the substrate using a suitable joining process. Each individual work step is carried out with care. The result, after more than 120 work steps, is a noble, handmade LUCA case - Handmade in Germany.

  • High quality, tailor-made, simply authentic
  • each case a noble product
  • up to 50 parts per wallet
  • 120 steps to the finished product

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