Portemonnaie mit Geldklammer

Men's wallet with money clip

The LUCA wallet with money clip is a compact wallet for your everyday money needs. It offers space for banknotes, 8 compartments for credit cards and 4 compartments for vehicle registration documents, receipts or parking tickets.

Our high-quality cases have been produced by hand in Kirn im Hunsrück since 2009. We give a 5-year guarantee on all cases.

Sale price€ 85,-

4 colors available

The wallet with money clip from LUCA

This wallet is the first pure wallet with a money clip from LUCA. Previously we only produced cases for iPhones. We wanted to offer an exclusive, high-quality wallet with a money clip to everyone who doesn't want to carry their cell phone in their wallet. The card case impresses with its simplicity and minimalist structure. If you open the wallet with clip, you will find 4 compartments for cards on both the left and right + 2 further compartments for e.g. receipts, parking tickets and the vehicle registration document. This means you can easily fit 12 to 16 cards into the card slots. The product is rounded off by a specially made money clip made of stainless steel, so that you always have enough banknotes. Our credit card case with money clip, like all LUCA products, is produced by hand in a factory in the Hunsrück. Even if you don't expect it at first glance, there are well over 100 work steps and more than 20 individual parts in this case. Different tasks are distributed in production, from gluing the lining materials to sewing and turning over the edges, the product goes through several stations until it finally goes to quality control, where if necessary. Adhesive residues are removed and protruding seam residues are flamed off. We offer a 5-year guarantee on all of our cases.